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About Us

At InspiredU our vision is to inspire humanity through the sciences, arts and education. Our mission is to empower individuals and organisations by equipping them with the requisite skills that will enable them to fulfil their full potential. We achieve this through targeted custom workshops that allow you to achieve mastery in key operational areas, including the development of innovative, creative, critical and analytical abilities.


Our broad skill base encompasses the provision of services to public, private and not-for-profit clients. From Innovation & Knowledge Brokering services and Innovation Workshops & Training for business through to the delivery of Workshops & Courses for schools and tertiary education providers covering a broad range of subject areas, including innovation and personalised literacy development in critical areas such as scientific and digital literacy.


InspiredU’s unique corporate culture integrates professionals from a diverse range of fields, including business, innovation consultants, organisational psychologists, PhD-level scientists, and primary, secondary and tertiary educators. Learn more about our executive management team below.



Dr John Coumbaros


My mission is to ignite personal and organisational innovation engines with the aim of inspiring individuals and companies and propelling them towards attainment of their dreams. Success relies upon your ability to continuously evolve and progressively realise your goals — innovation serves as the catalyst that facilitates this process.


My background in science (Ph.D. qualified) has equipped me with highly developed critical, analytical, research and problem solving skills. This allows me to develop and implement personal and organisational transformational innovation projects through an unbiased lens. Coupled with my business competencies (MBA qualified) I am able to translate this approach into evidence-based solutions that deliver unparalleled insight and significant growth potential.


Furthermore, my continued involvement with research and innovation projects with universities across the country has allowed me to gain experience in facilitating the innovation process between academia and the public and private sectors.


I am an accomplished science innovator and passionate about education and science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics (STEAM).



Alana Marshall


With a background in education management, I am passionate about facilitating the personal and professional development of individuals by guiding the discovery of their true self within the context of their professional careers.  My recent career development studies have additionally fueled a passion for life skills education at various life stages and the power of insightful self knowledge.  I feel inspired by education, community, developing relationships and fostering growth and opportunity for our future.


My work with InspiredU allows me a platform to explore creativity and innovation through the promotion of STEAM and future-focused career education.


My other passion encompasses everything biblio-related!  ‘The Library Within’ serves as an expression of my obsession with literature, libraries, lifelong learning and the engagement provided by the insight and words of others. 


I also relish my role as Board Advisor – Community Engagement for Kidzucate – a Registered ATO Harm Prevention Charity dedicated to providing our youth with the tools for empowerment when faced with bullying or other abusive behaviours.  Our overall aim is to build a tribe of Youth Advocates who will be able to ensure their own safety and wellbeing as well as that of those around them!