About Us

At InspiredU we have a passion for education. Our vision is to be the lead provider of inspirational STEM education services that inspire the world. Our mission is to provide the services and tools that inspire learners and educators to realise their full potential.

Specifically focused on STEM Education, our mission is to provide the services and tools that inspire learners to realise their full potential. We achieve this through the delivery of our flagship Out-of-the-Box solutions, curated STEM products, tailored tutoring workshops and consulting services that allow learners and educators to achieve mastery in STEM. Our desire is to bring out the inquisitive scientist lurking within us all. Ultimately building the skills within students that will enhance their ability to innovate and think creatively, critically and analytically and thereby build unparalleled problem-solving abilities.


Our Research

Through the systematic collection, analysis and review of data published across the education sector, we produce white papers and publications that critically review contemporary practices in relation to student learning, teaching methods and classroom dynamics.

Our research also addresses critical issues in education policy and practice, particularly in relation to technology-driven innovations and the current push for STEM, both of which are currently significantly shaping the education landscape.

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