Out of the Box

InspiredU has thoroughly digested the Australian F-10 and Senior Secondary curricula, and proudly bring to you our STEM Out-of-the-Box teaching solutions.

Out-of-the-Box is a comprehensive teaching tool designed to empower teachers by providing them with inquiry-based lesson plans that will give them the competence and confidence to deliver content curated and developed by leading Australian scientists in collaboration with qualified Australian teachers.

Each Out-of-the-Box solution is fully aligned with the Science strands of the Australian curriculum, and includes a comprehensive classroom kit for students as well as a teacher’s-kit with detailed instructions and assessment schemes. The kits contain all materials required to conduct either a single lesson or a series of lessons.

We also most certainly welcome the opportunity to work closely with your school to address any specific needs you may have. Our Out-of-the-Box kits can be custom-made and we would love to work with you to build personalised kits to facilitate your requirements.

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We realise that every dollar a school spends is an investment that has to reap tremendous reward. To ensure the success of our Out-of-the-Box kits we provide a comprehensive professional development training session with the school’s teachers across all years that are implementing our kits into their lesson plans. We also offer ongoing support through the InspiredU STEM Academy. All teachers and students that utilise our kits receive complimentary access to our Academy, an online education portal providing access to our support content, including instructional videos and discussion forums with our scientists and educators as well as the broader community of teachers and students utilising our kits.