Schools & Education

Our workshops and courses for schools and tertiary institutions entail the delivery of content in a number of key developmental areas that will empower students, teachers and parents/families.


Outcomes for Students – The workshops/courses have been specifically designed to build and enhance practical life skills that will empower students and better prepare them for their adventure in the modern world. The subject matter produced for each topic is also specifically created to cater for child and teen participants and is delivered separately to each group.


Outcomes for Parents/families – The rapidly changing environment, politically, socially and technologically, is creating significant challenges for parents. The workshops are designed to cover specific areas that will aid parents in coming up to speed with subject areas that their children are navigating. Whilst empowering the students, the workshops will also aid in building confidence amongst the parents/families in assisting their children during their development.


Outcomes for Educators – The careers of educators at all levels are becoming increasingly complex. Whilst navigating their way through set curricula and meeting their administrative objectives, they are also entrusted with shaping the minds of our future leaders. These workshops will aid the teachers by providing them with insight into subject areas that support their challenging roles and enhance their own personal development in topics that enhance the existing curriculum.


The comprehensive array of workshops can be found by clicking here. Please note that the topics listed for each workshop can be delivered as stand-alone subject areas or combined to create a complete course, the length of which can be tailored to your requirements.


Contact Us, and we would be pleased to provide you with a complimentary consultation to determine how we may assist you.