Workshops & Courses

Our workshops and courses for schools, universities and business entail the delivery of content in a number of key developmental areas that will empower individuals and organisations as they navigate the modern landscape, which is defined by constant change, tremendous competition and overwhelming complexity.


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Principles of Innovation; Creativity; Innovation and Entrepreneurship;  Technology and Innovation; Knowledge Management; New Product Development; Commercialisation.


Design Innovation

Design Foundations (visual thinking, design discovery and methodology); Design Skills (prototyping, frameworks, 3D modelling); Advanced Design (game design, cyber-physical systems, user interface, design for augmented and virtual reality).


Scientific Innovation

Scientific Thinking and Problem Solving; Creativity and Inventions; Communication, Collaboration and Critical Thinking; The Scientific Method; Research Skills; Scientific Writing.


Computational Innovation

Computational Thinking and Problem Solving; Creativity; Communication, Collaboration and Critical Thinking; Coding; Data Science; The Internet of Things; Interactive Robotics; User Interface Design and Development; Interactive Device Design; Game Design; Augmented and Virtual Reality.


Innovation for Personal Development: Succeeding in the Global Village

Globalisation and the Need for Personal Innovation; Personal Skills Development; Tools and competencies for creating an innovation mindset.


Digital Citizenship: Navigating the Online World

Internet Safety; Privacy and Security; Relationships and Communication; Cyberbullying; Digital Footprints and Reputation; Self-image and Identity; Information Literacy and Critical Thinking.


Civic Literacy: Creating Active Citizens

History of Democracy; The Australian Constitution; The Australian System of Government; Critical Appraisal of Australian Political History; Tools to Drive Political Change; Civic Project.


Bibliotherapy: Healing the Soul with Literature

The Philosophy of Reading; Reading Skills and Strategies; The Inner Storyteller; Mindful and Habitual Reading; What is Bibliotherapy; Applications of Bibliotherapy; Bibliotherapy for Personal Development. Read more …